California | Finally!

Hi all,

I have just received the most exciting news, which makes for a great start of this new year. A few months ago I was itching for a new adventure again and was looking into which part of the world I wanted to explore next.

Through some good advice from a friend, I ended up browsing the site of for hours and hours, wanting to just pack my bags and take 2 years off of work to go on all their amazing tours.

Because I have been longing to visit California for years now, specially San Francisco, it was not too difficult to decide that the West coast was the place to start. I found a 21 day tour, Westerner 3, that ticked all boxes for me. Exciting new cities like LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas, hiking the trails in Yosemite and Zion, my very first helicopter flight (over the Grand Canyon no less), camping under the stars and ending this adventure relaxing on the beach in San Diego.

Sounds amazing right! Well the news I got this morning was that this trip is now guaranteed, meaning the minimum amount of travelers needed for this trip to take place signed up and I can finally start making plans.

But where to start! 

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