Things I like | Week 7

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Sorry it’s been quiet over here for a while now. Still trying to get the hang of posting regularly and although I have enough topics and inspiration to write about, I’m still having a bit of trouble finding the right words and being happy enough with what I wrote to hit the publish button.

So since I missed a few of these posts, I thought a midweek update would be nice. Now I’m not a big Valentine’s fan, it’s a bit to commercial for me, but I have this little tradition to celebrate Valentine’s with my best friend. We’ll be going out for dinner and drinks this Saturday celebrating our long lasting friendship.

But for everyone who is celebrating Valentine’s today, I wish you all a lovely evening. Tonight, it was the gym for me!

A few Things I Like (so far) this week.

One | Anthropologie

Such a shame we don’t have this store in the Netherlands. I see their items a lot on blogs I follow and I absolutely love their Home and Furniture items. A little pricy but so gorgeous.

Two | Bullet Journal

I’ve been keeping a bullet journal since my birthday last July and so fare I’ve been pretty good at writing in it at least every other day. I ordered these stencils to start making some nicer and more organized pages. And more importantly, to keep it fun!

Three | The Greatest Showman

I finally went to see The Greatest Showman in theaters this week and I have to say, it’s one of the most exciting movies I’ve seen in a while. And I watch A LOT of movies. I absolutely loved it, so much so that I downloaded the songs the minute I got home. Please GO WATCH IT and never stop rewriting the stars.

Four | Yogabag

I have been looking for a nice sports/yoga bag for a while now. I’m using a canvas bag right now but it just doesn’t hold everything I need and doesn’t carry very well.

I just came across this one on the Rituals website and I love it. It even holds your yoga mat AND is only € 29,90.

Five| Turmeric

So I’ve been reading pretty much everywhere that Turmeric can really help with skin issues such as acne, which I’ve been battling since puberty.

Through My Green Happiness I’ve found these Royal Greens Turmeric Complex capsules which I’m planning to give a try. If you have tried these or something similar, please share your experience with me!

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