Things I Like | Week 11

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another beautiful sunny day here in Rotterdam.

I had a wonderful productive weekend. Saturday morning was well spend with a Power Yoga lesson at my gym and a little shopping. Finally bought those Royal Greens Turmeric Complex capsules I wrote about before, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how they’re working for me.

I needed to see my optometrist for new prescription contacts and I realized it might be time for a pair of new glasses as well. I only use them at home, but it’s getting harder and harder to read the subtitles on my TV from the couch, and after being reminded that I purchased them in 2011, I now understand why. So time to look into some cute new frames.

Sunday was a fun day with my dad visiting in the morning, and later in the afternoon, catching the first rays of sun with a glass on Rosé in hand with friends. But, the weekend wasn’t complete without seeing The Black Panther in IMAX 3D.

So, here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One | Black Panther

Such a cool and powerful movie. I’m a giant fan of everything Marvel and anything involving superheroes, so it was a no-brainer that I just HAD to watch this movie in Theaters. And I loved it. Makes me even more excited for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

Two | Clinique

It’s a product line I’ve been using for years now, and one I keep coming back to after trying something new. It just works well for me. And with my latest purchase I got the cutest little goodie bag with some miniature products which are perfect to take on vacation.

Three | Airbnb ‘experiences’

Since my Californian adventure is only 39 days away, I started planning and booked two very cool AirBnb ‘experiences’. One is the Runyon Canyon Hike with rescue dogs that I mentioned before, and the other is a Santa Monica and Venice beach bike ride. I always try booking tours and trips with locals to show me around the town or city they love, tell me facts and stories about my surroundings and give me some tips for the rest of my vacation.

Four | YOU by skechers

I came across these new Skecher shoes on the Instagram of Skechers Benelux and I thinks they are pretty cute. What do you guys think?

Five| Reese’s book club x Hello Sunshine

Reese Witherspoon just shared a very cool bookshelf pic on her Book Clubs Instagram.

It’s a rainbow bookshelf and it looks very cool! I’ve had my books organized in a lot of different ways before, like by author or genre, but I think this would be a cute new way.


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