Things I Like | Week 12 & 13

Happy Wednesday everyone! Spring is finally here! Can’t say I’ve noticed it temperature wise as it’s still very cold, but it’s so nice to have the sun out once in a while.

Last week was a busy one, and I just had to post about my upcoming trip, so I’m doing two weeks in one post this time.

Last week, I started my weekend of right with a fresh haircut, watched both Red Sparrow and Tomb Raider in Theater (Go watch them, they are so GREAT!), went to an early Saturday morning Power Yoga class, a little boy’s Avengers themed birthday party (if I haven’t mentioned this before, I’m a FAN! An obsessed FAN!) and had a great time catching up with friends over Sunday lunch. The past weekend was a quiet one with some much needed ME time, getting my nails done and a little (ok, a lot) of shopping.

So, here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One| Chocolate, what else right!?

The one thing I love about Easter, a side from the long weekend off work, is the Easter Eggs, especially the chocolate kind.

Two| Quinoa Tuna Salad

I spend Sunday last week having lunch with friends at Blushing Rotterdam and I had the Kinky Quinoa Salad with tuna, celery, grilled bell pepper, rocket, avocado, feta, red onion, sunflower seeds, cashews and a fresh basil dressing. It was delicious!

Three| Spring

It’s almost here and that though alone makes me so happy. I need the sun to come out, the flowers to bloom and to be able to put away all my winter coats and boots for the next few months.

Four| Julia Otilia Organic Jewellery

My absolute favorite pair of earrings. They are so cute, light and great for everyday wear.
And they’re 30% off. I’ve had mine for years now and I’m thinking of buying a second pair just in case.

Five| Salsa lessons

For a friend’s bachelorette party, we had a Salsa dancing workshop and it was actually a lot of fun. My body is not used to a lot of dancing, so I was a bit stiff, but I learned some basic steps and it was a lot of fun seeing it all come together when the music was turned on.

Six | Suede jacket

I’m in love with this Suede spring jacket from Vero Moda. The only question now is whether to go for Ash Rose, Old Pink or Navy Blue?!

Seven | Master your Mindset

This book my Michael Pilarczyk was recommended to me by a good friend and I’m so happy it arrived in the mail today. I will take it as one of the (many) books I’m bringing to California and I’m excited to see in what way it will inspire me.

Eight | Watched another episode of The Flash last night and this made me laugh so hard!


Nine | Do no harm Patch

I found the cutest patches here. This one would be great to style up my denim jacket.
Check out their Pins too.

Ten | I think this placement will hurt badly, but I want it so much.

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