Things I like| Week 14

Happy Thursday everyone! A day late, but with a very good excuse. I finally went to see The Lion King the Musical yesterday with my mom and sister. It was an early birthday present for my sisters 26th birthday and such a magical night.

I was off Monday (bank holiday in the Netherlands) and Tuesday, so I had a long Easter weekend. One of my friends and I went for a long awaited Sushi date Friday night and finished the night off with the comedy movie Gringo. Saturday morning began good with Pilates, early Easter brunch and shopping for a new pair of  glasses. Sunday was a day of no plans as I gave my home a much needed Spring Cleaning (or started is more like it as Netflix kept screaming at me to continue watching The Flash). Monday night was spend at my dad’s for Easter dinner. Tuesday was another day off for me which I spend going to the gym, a quick visit to the mall to return some clothes I bought last week and ended with a girls night at the spa. A fun and busy Easter Weekend!

But last night was the best, seeing The Lion King the Musical for the first time.
It was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up and one that always (and still) brought me to tears. It was beautiful seeing this story come together on stage with the gorgeous costumes and décor and the amazing cast.
Goosebumps really!

Here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One| Sostrene Grene

This new Scandinavian shop opened up in downtown Rotterdam a few years ago and they sell the cutest things. Their new summer outdoor catalog is out and I’m feeling inspired to start cleaning up my balcony and make it green and cozy for this coming summer.

Two| Clinique Make-up

I mentioned before that I Clinique is my go-to brand for my skin routine, but I recently found I really like their make-up as well. I’ve been using their mascara for a few years now, and while buying it (discounted 40% again at Ici Paris this week!), I found this Pressed Powder which is shine-absorbing (totally need that)

Three| Midnight Blue Elephant

I found a great new blog to follow. Honest and refreshing writing!

Four| Lady Speed stick

Ok, so this is seriously the best deodorant out there, and it is NOT for sale in the Netherlands. Or at least I haven’t found it anywhere so if you know where to get it, please share. The good things is that I’ll be going back to the US in 3 weeks to stock up.

Five | Nescafe Coconut Latte

Limited edition! Defiantly worth a try, it’s sooo good!

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