Things I Like | Week 24

Happy Monday everyone!

Another great week, although I have to say that I have not been very productive. I have been kind of lazy really. Not feeling like going to the gym (do I ever?), cleaning my home or working on this blog. SO what did I do? Uhm sit on my couch and watch Netflix. I know I know such a waste of time, but sometimes you just need a few of those nights.

Wednesday I did do something that made me feel good, I gave blood. I think blood donations is a very good thing to do if you physically can, my mom and granddad have done so for many many years, and this year I decided to start as well. It’s only been my second donation and it feels good doing something for the people around you who need it.

Friday was my friend’s birthday and the gender reveal of her little baby bump and IT’S A GIRL. I went shopping at HEMA with my mom to buy a cute little outfit and even though we didn’t know the sex yet, there were plenty of cute little outfit’s suited for both boy and girl.

Baby rammelaar HEMABaby tshirt

And now that we know I can’t wait to buy some cute little dresses!

Saturday I went for lunch at Mr. Salad where they have the most delicious bowls, salads and healthy wraps.
My friends had the Poke my Tuna with Quinoa, avocado, tuna and soy dressing and I had the Avocado Chicken with honey mustard dressing. And if you go, have the Watermelon Splash.

20180616_125212Since we still had some time left and room in our stomach, we went across the street to Sue, a bakery and lunchroom where everyting is sugarfree, glutenfree, lactosefree AND vegan, and so very delicious. Sweet without Sugar!

Sunday was another day slaving at my dad’s as we went over for Father’s Day and were put right to work. It’s really nice to see the progress and to help where we can. This time it was mostly sanding all the woodwork and I can already feel my arm muscles.

FB_IMG_1529343112757This is us dancing the night away in Spain many years ago during a family vacation.

Here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One | Dille & Kamille
The store I bought my Father’s Day gift this year. My sister and myself got him a potted Aloe Vera plant, some outdoor candles and a big glass jar with his favorite licorice.
Dille & Kamille is the cutest little story where you can find everything you need in your home, especially your kitchen. Green and sustainable items, a herb and spices station and the best smelling soaps.

1picture from Pinterest

Two | The Mommy Stories
For all (expecting) mothers, follow the mommy stories on Instagram. So cute!

Three | #ChangeTheDay
If you haven’t yet, read this article about the Ian Somerhalder Foundation’s mission to #ChangeTheDay on

Four | Magnum Red Velvet
Ok, I love everyting Red Velvet, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out they now have Magnum Red Velvet Ice Cream. #Magnum, please please please, get these to the Netherlands!

Five | Roxy
My new dress! I bought this on my vacation in San Diego and I can’t wait to wear it.


Currently reading: I’ve put Little Fires Everywhere aside for a moment. For some reason I found it hard to get through the first few chapters, so I’ll get back to it later.
Right now I’m reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan which I picked up at The Last Bookstore in LA. It’s also number 39 of my #Popsugarreadingchallenge list.

Currently watching: I couldn’t resist any longer and started The Orginals season 5. OMG so amazing! I love this show and am so sad this is the final season.

Week 24 B

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