Things I Like | Week 25

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

It was a nice and quiet week for me. Summer officially started, but unfortunately we didn’t see much of that here in Holland. It was cold! Seriously considered to turn on my heater, but opted for a blanked and cup of hot tea instead.

Luckily the weekend got a bit better, being able to go outside with a sweater of light jacket.
And next week they are predicting another heat wave. No wonder we’re getting sick.

Saw my friend yesterday for a nice lunch at The Street Food Club in Utrecht and had the Pokélicious Poké Bowl.
And today I went for a little stroll around the Swan Market with my sister and cousins.

Here are a few Things I Liked this week.

One | Bangs!
I’ve asked so many of my friends before if they taught I should get bangs, again, and almost all of them said I will regret it. But I really feel like changing up my hair dramatically, so how about shoulder length with bangs?! Or grow my hair out a bit more? Decisions, decisions!

Two |Toms Disney collection
I know I’ve mentioned Toms here a time or two, but these really made me smile. Disney Toms!!! I need a pair of these Cinderella shoes. Oh, how cute!

Three | Ted Talk Brené Brown
I’ve been recommended the Ted Talk, the Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown, a couple of times now and it did not disappoint. It’s very inspiring.

Four | New Darlings
I’ve added a new blog to follow to my Bloglovin´ feed., I enjoy their writing and love her style.

Five | Bedding
How cute is this bedding from H&M?!


Currently reading: I’m still reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan like last week.

Currently watching: I’m watching the new episodes of The Originals and Supergirl every week as soon as they are released on Netflix.

Week 25B

Een gedachte over “Things I Like | Week 25

  1. Jo-Anne zegt:

    Dekbedovertrek is geweldig! Ik wilde hem ook bestellen, maar de juiste maat wat al uitverkocht 😍.
    Heb je btw al eerder een pony gehad? Je kunt hem altijd nemen en dan als je het niks vind schuin stijlen en lang laten groeien! Ik hou van bangssss!


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