Things I Like | Week 28

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Some personal things came up, but everything is going well again and I’m back to writing.
I’m working on my blog posts for California as well. Finally getting to the stage where I’m almost ready to post my first one!

I do want to share all the great memories I made during the last weeks, so here is a little update:

  • I got to spend some quality time with my cute, not so little, rabbit Wolly as I stayed in my mom’s house for a few days. He loves all the attention, and the extra food he gets when I’m there.
  • It’s been such beautiful weather for the past few weeks, which means a nice Sunday morning spend on the beach in Rockanje catching up with one of my friends.
  • This warm weather also means most of my indoor and outdoor plants did not survive. Which might have something to do with me not being a good plant mama and forgetting to water them, like always.
  • Foodwise I had a wonderful dinner at Little V, a Vietnamese restaurant located in the middle of Rotterdam, and went for lunch at Jan en Alleman in Breda.
  • Visited The Parade for the first time last Saturday. It’s a travelling theater festival in Rotterdam which kind of feels like a big circus, in a very good way. There are different shows by different artists, from comedy to dance. There was a carousel, a silent disco, a dreamscope and plenty of places to have food and drinks. And best of all, a candy stand!

And last but not least, today was my day. I needed one day for myself before another couple of fully planned weekends, starting with my Birthday weekend next week, a weekend trip to Paris to celebrate after that AND a little get away to Ibiza the first week of August.
Busy, busy, busy but I’m so looking forward to it all.

Here are a few Things I Liked these weeks:

One | Notebooks
I’m addicted. When I see a pretty notebook I just have to buy it.
Like this cute little one from Sissy-Boy.

Two | Madame Cocos
I mean, Yummmm!

Three | Sasha shoes
Oh how I love Sale! This weekend I picked up a pair of loafers from Sasha.

Four | Travel with Nashipae
I found out about this website by reading this blog post of Travelettes.

Five | Bookplate stamp
Since I’m well on my way of having my own little library by the amount of books I own, how cool is this personalized bookplate stamp from Papersushi sold on Etsy.

Six | Coffee with Matt Collins
Have a listen to this interview about the book Underspent by Rachel Smith.
She went an entire year without buying any new or secondhand clothes.
A great way to save money and declutter your life.

Seven | Post cards
I love receiving and sending post cards.
How cute are these from

Currently reading: I am currently reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.
Currently watching: Just started watching the first few episodes of Outlander and I’m intrigued.

Also watched the Netflix original Brain of Fire a few weeks ago. A very emotional movie with some incredible acting by Chloe Grace Moretz. Really enjoy the Netflix Original movies that came out recently.
And tomorrow is another new episode of The Originals.

Week 28BPics source: Papersushi/

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