Weekend Highlights | Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Last weekend was another great one.
My friend Lena came to visit from New York and we had a blast exploring both Rotterdam and Amsterdam, me showing her some of my favorite places. And as always, most of it involved food.


Saturday started with an amazing breakfast at Arzu, the Foodbar Supplier, which is located only a few blocks from my house.
We had a few lovely dishes to share. The Red Velvet pancakes with white chocolate, the Acai smoothy bowl, the Forest Fruit pancakes and the toast with avocado, tomato and egg.

And I have to say, it all tasted delicious, although the red velvet pancakes, my pick, were by far my favorite.
If you ever visit, don’t leave without taking a few foodbars with you on your way out.

We had the perfect weather to visit the Euromast, which gives you a complete view over the entire city. We walked through the Euromast park back into the city for lunch at Anne&Max. We had the Small Lunch platter which consisted of a small quiche, seasonal vegetable soup and a small salad. Both delicious and healthy.

After a little shopping we ended at the Markthal and had a nice pizza and ginger beer at Fellini. I still can’t believe I’d never had a ginger beer before, it was so good.

On Sunday we took the train to Amsterdam Central station. We went for breakfast/lunch at Dignita Vondelpark. There was a 30 minute wait to be seated, which is not something I’ve experienced before in Rotterdam, but it just showed how popular the place was.

Luckily I was able to get a cappuccino while waiting and after a little over 30 minutes we were seated. We ordered a lot and everything was so good, definitely worth the wait. Make sure to order the Benny Boy, which are two poached eggs served on crispy potato hash topped with bacon.

If you don’t want to travel all the way to this location, they have a second location called Dignita Hoftuin at the Nieuwe Herengracht.

After walking around the city, visiting the flower market and strolling along the canals, we took a boat tour which Lena pre-booked through Airbnb Experiences.
We had such a great time slowly cruising the canals, enjoying the sun, a glass of wine and some typical Dutch snacks.
If you ever take a trip to Amsterdam, tourist or not, book this!



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