It felt like this weekend went faster than ever.

On Friday night I went to see A Star is Born and it was such a beautiful and emotional movie, I love it. Couldn’t resist downloading the album on Spotify the moment I got home.
I recommend for everyone to go see it. And bring tissues!

Saturday I had a nice catch up with one of my best friends, and was able to get some of my house chores done, because Sunday would be spend at my mom’s for her birthday.

So Saturday night we, my mom, sister and myself, go dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner at Cornelis. My mom and sister had the stead, I had the fish and we shared a bottle of wine and two amazing deserts, the Cornelis Kiss with white chocolate and passion fruit and the Cheesecake with Amarene cherries, and both were absolutely

cornelis kiss.jpg
Source: Cornelis

My sister and I also gave out first birthday gift to my mom, yes! she got two this year.
It was a custom made bracelet by James&Co with two charms with our initials on them.
She loved it! It was the perfect birthday present to give. Thank you Jamie.


I slept over at my mom’s on Saturday night. That’s always easier than making my way there by public transport on a Sunday, and a lot more fun.

So on Sunday I slept in a bit and helped her get a few snacks ready. In the afternoon, our family and some friends joined for a small birthday celebration.

It was a wonderful day to wish my mom another great year ahead

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