Things I Like | Week 03

Happy Sunday everyone!
And welcome to my first blog post of 2019.

It felt so good to finally have a weekend where I had absolutely nothing planned at all.
And it was a much needed weekend. I had so many little things, projects, household task that I have been putting off, not to mention my studies that I really needed to get back into.

So here’s how I spend my weekend, and a little recap of the last 3 weeks of 2019.
Because can we all just agree that they went by way too fast?!


I spend New Year’s Eve with Family playing 30 seconds, cuddling the cutest baby and watching the fireworks.
Just a great way to ring in the New Year.

On Thursday my friend and I started the new year off good with a Yoga lesson. As our intention for 2019 is to work out more and live a more healthy lifestyle, this Vinyasa Flow session really got us on the right track.

Another intention of mine is to spend more time with my friends and family. I realize more and more that it’s so important, especially as you get older, to spend time with those you love and who inspire you and give you energy.
And so on Saturday I had diner at my friend’s house. She made pasta, we had wine and talked for 5 hours strayed.  The best kind of night.

The rest of the weekend and week went by fast with a babyshower on Sunday, a work trip back and forth to Paris on Tuesday and another yoga lesson on Thursday made the week go by fast.

Friday night was drinks with friends at the Gele Kanarie in Rotterdam, Saturday I finally went to see Aquaman in theaters and I spend Sunday with my mom having a really nice High Tea and going to Ikea.
I really want to declutter and organize my house and I always get inspired walking around Ikea.

And that brings me back to current times; a weekend without plans except being productive.
And productive I was. I spend Saturday organizing my drawers KonMarie style, doing laundry, ironing and straightening out my kitchen. And today I spend almost 4 hours focused on my study, it really helped not having any cleaning distractions, and going to the city to collect my Magic box from Too good to Go and now I’m on the couch with a cup of tea, finishing this blog post and ready to watch a bit of too read a book without even the tiniest bit of guilt.

Here are a few Things I Like at the moment:

One | Marie Kondo

I’ve been reading everywhere about the Marie Kondo documentary/ series on Netflix. After watching the first episode, I wasn’t an instant fan of the series, but, in combination with all the great blog posts about it, I did feel inspired to tackle my own place.

Two | #WeHaveToSeeMoreOfEachOther

I shared this video on my facebook a few weeks ago and it’s such a powerful message and so in line with my 2019 intentions on spending more time with friends and family.

Three | Yoga with Adriene

I really enjoy her Yoga video’s and inspirational e-mails. If you don’t know her yet, check out her website and YouTube channel.
I might start her 30 Day Yoga Journey in February.

Four | Directionally Challenged Podcast

I’ve been a big fan of Candice and Kayla since The Vampire Diaries and their Podcast Directionally Challenged is just as awesome. ‘30-Something Women Asking Life’s Questions, And Learning From People Who Just Might Have Some Answers’. Being almost 30 and for sure not having my life figured out, this podcast is amazing, eye opening and just a whole lot of fun listening too.

And since a few weeks it’s been available for Android on Spotify as well and I’ve been listening to it on every commute instead of my playlist.

Five | TooGoodToGo

A few months ago I was told about this app called Too Good To Go by a friend of mine and I’ve been getting other people excited about it ever since.

It’s an app that everyone can easily contribute to in the fight against food waste. You can purchase a so called Magic Box for a few Euros’ at a restaurant or supermarket in your area and collect this ‘box’ at a certain time. The thing is that you don’t know what you will get as all the items are products that were not sold and will otherwise end up in the trash. So for example, I got mine today from AH to go, which is a supermarket and I got a prepackaged Caesar salad, some cold cuts, a sandwich, a package of vegetarian Sushi, a bread and a chocolate donut. And all of that only cost me 3,99 Euro.

Currently reading: I’ve started a little challenge with myself at the beginning of the year, to read one book a week. So far, I’m already a little behind as I haven’t finished my second book yet.

My first book was Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and I’m about to finish Turtles all the way Down by John Green.

Currently watching: Another little challenge is watching one new movie a week, in cinema, so 52 in total for 2019. Since I have a monthly subscription to Pathe cinema, it doesn’t really cost me anything when I go except for the monthly fee of 21 EUR.
So far I’ve seen Second Act, Aquaman and Nobody’s Fool.

I can’t wait for a few more good movies to come out in the coming weeks like Glass, Serenity, The Hate U Give, Instant Family and off course Captain Marvel. This looks like an easy challenge to accomplish.

Netflix wise I continue to watch Arrow, but I’m trying not to binge this one! I’m halfway through season 4 and I still love it. I’ve watched The Flash and Supergirl and can’t wait for their new episodes. The Legends of Tomorrow is next.

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