Things I Like | Week 9

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It was an absolute beautiful sunny week here in Rotterdam.
Cherished the last of this nice weather today with a glass of wine with friends after work, as starting tomorrow, the forecast is cloudy and rainy again for the next few weeks.

Last Saturday my mom and I took another trip to Ikea to by new bookcases.
The one thing we always forget after an Ikea trip, is that we need to bring all these heavy boxes up 4 narrow flights of stairs. A good workout though.

My office room is still a mess at the moment, because of course I have way to many books for these two bookcases, so coming Friday, we’re getting another small one to finish this wall.
Another thing I got is this shoe organizer that is perfect for the PAX closets from Ikea.

Saturday night was movie night with Marcella, and although we love watching scary horror movies, we couldn’t make ourselves watch The Nun yet. Maybe next time, with all the lights on.

Sunday was my relax day. I slept in, woke-up with a nice cup of coffee, set up my bookcases, watched a little Netflix and enjoyed the sun from my balcony.

Here are a few Things I Like at the moment:

One | Rotterdampas
I ordered the Rotterdampas, which is kind of like a subscription for those living in Rotterdam. You pay 60 EUR and are able to use different discounts on activity’s and free entries around the city.

Two | NA-KD 30% discount
This cute online shop I recently discovered is celebrating their 3 years anniversary and is therefore offering a 30% discount on everything!
Including my new blouse I mentioned last week. A good excuse to order a few items off of my favorites list.

Three | Sand & Sky
Douglas now offers a whole range of new beauty lines, including Sand & Sky.
They finally sell the Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask Instagram is so crazy about. 

Four | Modern Calligraphy
I decided on the second workshop I’ll be following during Creative Life on March 30th.

It’s the workshop Modern Calligraphy hosted by Splendith and given by Joyce from It’s completely new to me and I’m so excited to try my hand at it.

Five | Bike basket
I found the greatest basket for my bike at Dille & Kamille!

Currently reading: Lyrabird by Cecelia Ahern

Currently watching: The newest episode of Mortal Instruments came to Netflix yesterday and I can’t wait to watch it tonight. A new episode will come out every Tuesday so you’ll know what I’ll be doing every week.

Currently listening: I’m doing through the episodes of Directionally Challenged a little slower these days. I’m taking my bike to work a lot more again and I need some upbeat music for that, so no more podcast listening on my transit. And I have not been able to relax at home and listen to a podcast yet. I normally turn on the TV or read a book.

Maybe when the weather gets better, I’ll be able to listen more often while taking in the sun.

1551292865766.jpgSource: NA-KD | Douglas |Dille & Kamille | Creative Life

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