Things I like | Week 10

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Another week has gone by already. Is it just me or is time moving faster and faster lately?

My cousin just came home from a 4 month backpacking trip around Asia (jealous much!) and we went to surprise her at the airport to pick her up. It was so good to see her again, but it did not feel like 4 months at all. Felt like I had just seen her last week. That’s what I mean with time moving way too fast.

On Saturday I got the two books I ordered from in the mail.
I finally ordered the book The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin and I’m so excited to read this next.


I also bought The Poetic Underground: Dreamscape by Erin Hanson. Erin writes the most beautiful poems and I was so excited to get her third book, I finished it that same day.
Here, you can read some of her poems on Pinterest.

That night, my friend Floor came over to watch the Netflix original Isn’t it Romantic.

On Sunday morning I went to the Pilates Class at my gym and went to lunch after at Baker & Moore. My friend Carmen and I made a list of all the breakfast and lunch places around Rotterdam we wanted to try this year. Maybe I’ll share some of my favorites in a separate post later.

The Toast meets Avocado sandwich, delicious!

Here are a few Things I Like at the moment:

One | The Now Age Happinez festival
I am so excited about this. I finally bought a ticket for The Now Age festival that Happinez magazine is organizing. I’ve been looking at it for weeks, not sure if I wanted to spend the money on it, or if I wanted to go by myself, but after they announced the program I decided I just had to go.
So many amazing speakers and workshops in one place. I can’t wait.

Two | Just do It
This great post by Amy Schumer and the Amazing video by Nike.

Three | Co with the Flow
My new Insta find. Or actually, I’ve been following her for a while now, but never saw her vlogs before. So I had some catching up to do and watched all 26 of them this past week. Co is hilarious. It was so much fun to watch, especially since being a stewardess was always on my list of careers I might want to pursue.
If you haven’t yet, go check her out!

Four | Sugarfree Carrot Cake
My collegue made this Sugar Free Carrot Cake the other day and it was soooo good.
The recipe is in Dutch, but I’m sure you can find a gazillion good recipes online.

Five |

And a little update on my bookcase, it’s finished!



Source: Cosmopolitannl| Happinez| YouTube





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