Things I Like | Week 11

Happy Wednesday uh Thursday everyone!

A day late, but I have a good excuse, really. I went to see Captain Marvel in IMAX last night.
I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loved it. Such a great addition to the Marvel Universe.

It’s been another great week here. It started last Wednesday, after posting my last weekly blog, with an introductory Skype call for something really exciting I’m starting soon. 2019 is my year for self-reflection and self-improvement.

Then I was another Friday off to do a little around the house and go grocery shopping in the morning, and in the afternoon, I went off to my dad’s for a night with the fam.
My dad and Mo cooked, we cuddled with the dogs and watched our all-time favorite movie S.W.A.T.

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On Sunday I went to the Swan Market in Antwerp with a friend and bought the cutest items.
This golden plated ring with Onyx stone from Meesies (they also have the cutest animal posters), two handbags from Tessvs and a pink headband from Your Fashion Secret which I can’t wait to use this summer. We also had a great lunch of Chicken Empanada and Vietnamese pancakes and bought some freshly baked Banana bread to take home and have for breakfast this week.

Starting last Monday, I’ve joined the movement, ‘de Nationale week zonder vlees’, a week without eating meat, and I’m really enjoying finding new tasty recipes to make and the inspiration it gives me to try something new.

Here are a few Things I Like at the moment:

One | Puur bezorgd
This new initiative in Rotterdam, Puur Bezorgd, delivers groceries like rice, pasta and nuts to your door without packaging. They buy these products in bulk and deliver them in glass jars which you borrow and exchange with every order.

Two | Toms
Found some very cute new Toms shoes. These and these are both great for spring.

Three | The White door studio
If you live in Amsterdam and are looking for Yoga classes or workshops, check out The White door studio. The look of serenity of the place alone is just as amazing as their selection of Yoga classes.

Four | Fun prints
I’ve been looking for a few more simple T-shirts with some fun prints on them, and with this one I’ll be ready for summer.

Five | Anna+Nina
Love a good ear party!

Source: Toms | Thewhitedoorstudio| Vila | Anna + Nina

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